How To Sponsor A Firework

For the last few years many families and friends of Brockham Bonfire have sponsored Fireworks. This has been great fun, a new dimension to the fun of the evening in creating a fantastic family atmosphere and a great way of raising funds to cover our costs and of course a way of purchasing fireworks we could otherwise not afford.

"Short sponsor messages" will be announced over the PA system on Bonfire Night. All Sponsors who notify us of their intentions with a message before the end of September 2018 will see their message printed in the Bonfire Brochure and be placed on the Brockham Bonfire Web site. This will enable you to write a slightly longer message if you wish - up to 50 words.

If you want to sponsor a firework please:

Send us your short message for the Brochure and if you wish an additional longer message for the web sites

Your name and phone number

Your donation for sponsorship, a minimum of £25.00 please

Contact Doreen Bates, 01737 843041, cheques payable to Brockham Bonfire Ltd,

41 Hillside Gardens, Brockham, Betchworth, Surrey

Or Use the donate page to send us a Firework Donation, leave your message using leave seller special instruction on your Paypal donation page. PLEASE note these messages will appear online only.